Resultat CMH

. HADAKAT BARE LEDGEND, M, SPH, Seal Point et Blanc. HADAKAT ELVIS BARELSY, M, SPH, 21-03-2005, Seal Point et Blanc. DIXIEDAWN WILLIAM THE GREAT, M, SPH, 02-02-2004, Red point. DIXIEDAWN NA KID ONE MICAH, M, SPH, 26-12-2002, Crème
. CLEOPATRA FAST GIRL, F, SPH, 28-01-1999, Bleu Creme Point & Blanc
. HADAKAT AGAPANTHUS LILLY, F, SPH, 09-04-2003, Black tortie et blancCH.IN. AMAJEN CARCASS, M, SPH, 05-06-2000, Red & blanc
. CATSHACK'S LUCIENNE OF HADAKAT, F, SPH, 21-03-1999, Black tortie
. ESTEE LAUDER OF INQUIZAKITTY, F, SPH, 03-08-2005, Chocolat tabby Point. ALLPURRNOFUR TITO JACKSKIN, M, SPH, 16-03-2004, Seal Linx Point. ELLIOTT NEST, M, SPH, 17-03-2002, Black
. CATTABLANCA PINKI TUSCADERO, F, SPH, 18-01-2003, Tortie & Blanc
. COZUMEL BLUE, F, SPH, 12-06-2004, Lilac & blanc. CRYSTALSKYE CHAMPO UNIQUE, M, SPH, 14-06-1999, Seal Mackerel Tabby Mink et Blanc
. MS PURR C WILLOW, F, SPH, 09-03-2003, Brown tabby
. HOUSE OF SPHYNX KYA oF SKYSHASPHYNX, F, SPH, Blue tabby point. TIGGERRIFIC, M, SPH, 22-05-2005, Brown tabby. JESANOSQTEES IM THE STAR SOFAR, M, SPH, 29-07-2003, Fawn. MEOWACRES MR LONESTAR, M, SPH, 01-05-2000, Bleu & Blanc
. CRYSTALSKYE S STAR OF THE PARTY, F, SPH, 05-01-2001, Blue tortie et blanc
. SKYCLAD BLACK MIA, F, SPH, 04-11-2003, Black. INTRIGUE KANIKA SKYCLAD, M, SPH, 30-08-2002, Black
. INTRIGUE AZIZA SKYCLAD, F, SPH, 02-09-2002, Black tortie et blanc
. HOOTERVILLE SKIPPY, F, SPH, 22-07-2004, Black tortie et blanc. CATSHACK BEAUFORD T PUSSER CAT, M, SPH, 06-02-2001, Red. YEWBIE NAKEDDERMIS OF CATSHACK, M, SPH, 03-04-1999, Chocolat tabby point et blanc
. CATSHACK'S SWEET VADALIA, F, SPH, 01-04-2000, Blanc Yx Or
. HOOTERVILLE S YODA, F, SPH, 13-12-2000, Black tortie et blanc. YEWBIE NAKEDDERMIS OF CATSHACK, M, SPH, 03-04-1999, Chocolat tabby point et blanc
. GAILRAY S GWENHWYVAR, F, DRX, 04-11-1998, Blanc Yx Or

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